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Freedom Old Home Week celebrated its 119th year in 2017. Thank you to all of our volunteer committee members who gave generously of their time and energy to ensure the success of all our events and activities.

Dedicated volunteers attended regular monthly meetings to plan and determine the 2017 theme, parade Grand Marshall, and shirt and ceramic tile designs. They developed schedules of events, organized parade participants, sold merchandise, planned and coordinated tents, tables and chairs, and did just about anything else that was needed.

The 2017 Freedom Old Home Week Committee was comprised of:

Nancy Griffin, Chairperson
Lauren Stoddard, Co-Chairperson
Susan Marks, Co-Chairperson
Janet Meyers, Treasurer
Kimberly Reis, Secretary and Webmaster
Gail Bizer
Nancy Bossi
Eileen Daggett
Bonnie & Paul Elie
Bill Elliott
Laura & Scott Emond
Michael Gaudette
Marilyn Goodwin
Ned Kucera
Patti & Biff Manhard
Barbara McEvoy
Jack Monteiro
Judy Robertson
Marcia Santner
Ellie Stokes
Brian Taylor
Diana & Steve Thurston
Paul Tung

We would also like to thank the following neighbors, community members and friends. Without their support many activities and events could not have happened.

The Strainrite Companies; Robin & Alan Lapoint
Kate Darlington
Jody Skelton & Kara Couture
Karl Ogren
Knute Ogren
David Meserve
John Immediato & Patrick Miele
Amanda King
Gerard Costantino
James Farinella
Mark McKinley
Paul Wheeler
Stephen Boyson
Cormack Construction Management; Suzanne Edwards
Pam Keith
Reverend Larry Wogman
Shana Aisenberg & Gale Johnson
Hillary Johnson
Larry Johnson
Doris Sirois
Dianna Wagner
North Broad Bay Association
Town of Freedom NH
Vinnie Beedle

Thank you all for helping us to bring you the 119th Freedom Old Home Week. See you next year for the 120th!



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2017 Dates to Remember

Ducky Day: June 24
Old Home Week: July 28 to Aug 6
Parade: July 29

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Ducky Day: June 30
Old Home Week: Aug 3 to Aug 12

Ducky Day: June 29
Old Home Week: Aug 2 to Aug 11

Ducky Day: June 27
Old Home Week: Jul 31 to Aug 9

Ducky Day: June 26
Old Home Week: Jul 30 to Aug 8

Ducky Day: June 25
Old Home Week: Jul 29 to Aug 7

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