2017 T-Shirt Artist

The graphic designer of the 2017 Old Home Week t-shirt is Ned Kucera of Freedom. Ned’s parents learned about Freedom through the Rhode Island pipeline, and first built a place here in 1962. It was a small summer cabin on Loon Lake that he still has today, although it is not a cabin anymore. By the time Ned came around it was a firm tradition to spend summers and holidays here. He went to camp here, skied here, built snow forts and fished here. He learned to swim, canoe and sail here. Ned says that there is a lot one can find to do when one has only a small black and white TV with a single channel. “My wife, two boys and I now split our time between Moultonborough and Freedom. We all used to live in Durham where I met my wife at UNH and had a house for 12 years. I have lived in Rhode Island, Colorado, Washington and Russia. I have thought about moving to France, but frankly, I can’t think of a place that I would rather be than on Loon Lake! Here the “Lake is Great,” the mythical “Killer Bass” doesn’t bother the locals and you don’t have to speak French!”

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