2021 Artists

Abigail Jones – Designer of 2021 T-shirt Artwork

My name is Abigail Jones. I’ve lived in Freedom all my life! I attended Freedom Elementary School and graduated from Kennett High School in 2017. I’ve always had the love for art. In the last couple of years I’ve gotten into painting! I mostly like painting Disney characters but have recently been trying different things.

Barbara McEvoy – Designer of 2021 Tile

Our tile artist is our own Freedom Gallery Owner Barbara McEvoy. Her detailed tile depicts the well known landmark of Freedom; the horse trough at the intersection of Elm St. and Old Portland Road. Prior to her retirement in 2007, Barbara was an educator. Once retired, she went to Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA, where she received a solid background in the visual arts. In 2010 she moved to Freedom and began her second career as an artist. She loves the outdoors which is an inspiration for her art. In 2016 she moved to Elm Street in Freedom where she currently has her art gallery. Barbara is a strong supporter of the arts and often collaborates with the Freedom Elementary School, sharing her enthusiasm for art with its students. One can view Barbara’s work as well as the work of other local artists at the Freedom Gallery on 8 Elm Street.

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