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History of the Freedom Tiles

tile backsplashThe first Freedom tile was produced by the Freedom Club of New Hampshire in 1955.  It featured an illustration by John Holmgren, nationally known illustrator, whose summer home was in Freedom for nearly sixty years.  In 1970 a second tile came out with another Holmgren drawing, and the tradition of an annual tile took hold.  Thirty-five more have been created from drawings by many local artists, chosen by competition each year.  Only a few residents have a complete collection, however.  These souvenirs have been cemented into fireplace fronts, kitchen back splashes and bathroom walls; others have been framed and hung.  They have been given as gifts, stored in original boxes, lost, found in antique shops and flea markets as far away as Florida.  [Excerpted from “Sketches of Freedom 1970-2000: A collection of the annual Freedom Club of New Hampshire tiles with historical notes” by Carol Foord, (c) Freedom Historical Society, 2000.]

In 2016 the Freedom Old Home Week committee took over production of tiles, and proceeds from the sale of tiles from OHW committee members go towards the running of various family-oriented Freedom Old Home Week events.

Sarah Tabor, Artist for Our 2020 Tile

We were not able to hold Old Home Week events this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  A tile was created and the image is of the Towle House (1865).  This is the home on Elm Street in Freedom Village where the large US flag is beautifully displayed each summer.  The current owner of this historic home is Sarah Tabor, who is one of many family members who have lived there.  Sarah, an accomplished artist and Old Home Week committee member, also did the artwork for the tile.

List of Tile Designs and Artists

  • 2019  “Freedom Lights the Way”, by Chloe Stephan
  • 2018  Freedom Historical Society (Allard House & Barn), by Peg Scully
  • 2017  The Libby Homestead, by Terri Brooks
  • 2016  Freedom NH Roller Shed, by Nancy Essex
  • 2015  Freedom Town Forest, Celebrating 10 Years, by Peg Scully
  • 2014  Freedom Town Hall, 1889, 125 years
  • 2013  Ossipee Lake, by Nancy McClare
  • 2012  Village Bandstand, by Peg Scully
  • 2011  Shawtown School District #8 (1832-1882), A Tribute to its Civil War Soldiers and Their Wives
  • 2010  Freedom Farm Stand, by Michele Keenan
  • 2009  Sugar Shack (Mayhew), by Hillary Johnson
  • 2008  Loon Lake, by Michele Keenan
  • 2007  Scarboro Road, by  Peg Scully
  • 2006  Christian Church & School House, by Don Bossi
  • 2005  Freedom Public Library
  • 2004  First Christian Church, by Ed Boyer
  • 2003  Leroy Goss Home (a Sears Roebuck mail order house circa 1900), by Don Bossi
  • 2002  Dr. A. O. Morrow House “Elmhurst” by Alice Macy Muller
  • 2001  Drake House, Town Hall, First Christian Church, Federal House, by Peg Scully
  • 2000  The Thomas Andrews House, by Don Bossi
  • 2000  Freedom Cornet Band, by Donn DeVita (1975)
  • 1999  The Drake House, c. 1890, by Don Bossi
  • 1998  Old Home Week, 100 Years, by Peg Scully
  • 1997  Fowler House, c. 1890, by Don Bossi
  • 1996  Freedom Village School, by Peg Scully
  • 1995  Elm Street, by Don Bossi
  • 1994  Old Mill, 1930, by Peg Scully
  • 1993  Freedom Tanning Company, by Peg Scully
  • 1992  Eldridge House, by Peg Scully
  • 1991  Village Square, by Dawn Marion
  • 1990  Nason’s Store, by Fred Kimball
  • 1989  Village Panorama, by Peg Scully
  • 1988  Picket Fence Painting, by Peg Scully
  • 1987  Loon Lake, by Alice Macy Miller
  • 1986  Freedom Historical Society, by Alice Macy Miller
  • 1985  Freedom Village Store, by Peg Scully
  • 1984  Towledge, by Elizabeth Acton
  • 1983  First Christian Church, by Elizabeth Acton
  • 1982  Harmony Tea Shop, by Elizabeth Acton
  • 1981  Merrow-Milliken House, by John Holmgren (c. 1945)
  • 1980  E. I. Towle Store, by Elizabeth Acton
  • 1979  Village Square, by Elizabeth Acton (1974)
  • 1978  Elm Tree Inn, by Ed Leonard
  • 1977  Beach Pavilion, by Peg Scully
  • 1976  Freedom Town Seal, by A. Elizabeth Priebe
  • 1976  Ball Field, by John Holmgren (c. 1940)
  • 1976  Old Grist Mill, by Elizabeth Acton
  • 1976  Bicentennial Celebration, drawing from photograph by Bruce Bedford
  • 1975  Freedom Village Store, by Edward S. Leonard
  • 1974  Church, Village School and Bandstand, by Peg Scully
  • 1973  Freedom Public Library, by Barbara Dutton
  • 1972  Store and Post Office, by John Holmgren (c. 1940)
  • 1971  Freedom Post Office, by Elizabeth Acton
  • 1970  Freedom Crossroads, by John Holmgren (1961)
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