Old Home Week T-shirt Designs by Peg Scully

The Town of Freedom has many talented artists who have contributed to preserving images of our wonderful village. One of these artists is Peg Scully.  The Freedom Old Home Week Committee has been fortunate to have 18 of their t-shirts, between the years of 1989 and 2015, feature images created by Peg. How many of these shirts to you have?

Click on any image below to open a gallery of close-up views.

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2018 Dates to Remember

Ducky Day: Jun 30
Old Home Week: Aug 3 to Aug 12
Parade: Aug 4

Future Old Home Week Dates

Ducky Day: June 29
Old Home Week: Aug 2 to Aug 11

Ducky Day: June 27
Old Home Week: Jul 31 to Aug 9

Ducky Day: June 26
Old Home Week: Jul 30 to Aug 8

Ducky Day: June 25
Old Home Week: Jul 29 to Aug 7

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